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KUDOS ~ “Praise for exceptional achievement”



Hey guys! My name is Mick and I am the owner and trainer at Kudos Health & Fitness. 

For over 10 years my passion has been learning as much as I can about health, fitness and happiness. These three aspects of our life are often interrelated and therefore need to be addressed equally.

Before getting into this industry I was constantly researching the human body; learning about how certain foods effect our energy levels, musculature and fat loss; sampling different workouts to see how my body would respond; reading about motivation and mindset and why some people succeed and others don’t when both given the same information and guidance; the keys to leading a happier life and the list goes on and on and on…

After working in business for a year or so I decided that sitting behind a desk wasn’t for me – Kudos Health & Fitness was created! I went about creating personal training plans and bootcamps tailored to help as many people as possible make positive changes in their lives. More recently I have studied Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Psychology and am now dedicating a lot of study time to Health Coaching.

My late Pop used to make a toast before every meal – he would say “To health and happiness”. He was clearly onto something because as the years pass by I’ve come to discover that at the end of the day these two things are really all that matter.

I would love the opportunity to meet you, hear your story and offer my knowledge and experience to help guide you to create a healthier and happier life.



Our point of difference is the coaching principles applied whilst working with our clients. Rather than just “tell” clients what to do, we learn about their lifestyle and habits they have formed over the years, and together work to come up with realistic strategies to modify their habit loop. This enables the client to make realistic changes that are long term rather than quick fixes that more often than not result in the client reverting back to old habits.

The fact is that 90% of people know what is needed to do in order to be healthier. Yet why is it that some are able to make those changes and some aren’t? We help you make that shift to stay motivated and consistent which are two key elements to your health and fitness success.



Our mission here at Kudos Health & Fitness is to help our clients lead healthier and happier lives by addressing exercise, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle factors.

KHF is a Newcastle based business providing:
Personal Training
K12-Ladies Fat Loss Program
Health Coaching

Our philosophy is based around three simple words:

educate | motivate | inspire

It’s time to meet the new you… The better you… The real YOU!


– Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant 
– Lifestyle Food and Wellness Coaching
– Nutrition Psychology
– Certificate of Weight Loss Nutrition
– Certificate of Nutrition
– Wellness Coaching Level 2
– Certificate 4 in Fitness
– First Aid



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